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Medizinische Einwegteile Latex-Foley-Katheterhülse

Medizinische Einwegteile Latex-Foley-Katheterhülse

Das Team von CENTURIAL MEDICAL ist stolz darauf, unseren Service und unsere Arbeit hervorzuheben, die nicht nur auf zuve;
Produktionskapazität5.000.000 Stück/Monat
Das Team von CENTURIAL MEDICAL ist stolz darauf, unseren Service und unsere Arbeit hervorzuheben, bei der nicht nur zuverlässige Kathetermaschinen gebaut werden, die früher zur Herstellung von medizinischen Verbrauchsmaterialien aus PVC/Latex/Silikon verwendet wurden, sondern auch hochwertige Materialien und Teile bereitgestellt werden, um Ihre Montage- und Fertigungspläne zu beschleunigen. Gummi Hülle für Latex-Foley-Katheter:
1). Material: Naturkautschuk. 2). Gleiche Größe gilt für Nelaton-, 2-Wege- und 3-Wege-Katheter. 3). Zur Größenidentifizierung farblich gekennzeichnet.Fotopräsentation:Qualitätsteile für verschiedene medizinische Verbrauchsmaterialien:
Werksansichten unserer Maschinenwerkstatt und unseres Reinraums für medizinische Verbrauchsmaterialien (Klasse 100.000):
Other Information:1). Price terms: FOB Guangzhou.2). Price validity: 30 days.3). Lead time: 10-20 working days.4). Warranty: 14 months since the date of loading.5). Delivery ways: air/sea/train way accepted.6). Shipping seaport: Guangzhou of China.7). Package: carton box with secure poly bag inside (plywood packaging with timber support optional for bulk order).8). OEM/ODM/DFM terms: accepted based on specific requirements and order quantity that agreed.Technical support after-sales:1). On-line technical guidence for testing/comissioning/installation/material etc is provided whenever is needed. 2). Paid after-sales service is optional by sending know-how engineers/technicians to your site for scheduled instruction and training; specific cost needs to be quoted after in-depth discussion between both parties due to the pandemic situation.3). Step-by-step technical service manual & photos & videos are made according to specific details of the site and manufacturing solution that designed so as to guarantee 100% turn-key solution.Due to the fact that each production line is designed/built according to specific requirements and targeted need, so we would appreciate your any advices/feedback should you have plan to extend some machines/production lines.Our work and services: 1). Produce medical disposable products in urology, anaesthesia, respiratory, obstetrics and gastroenterology.2). Provide machines, production lines/solutions, materials and technical support for producing these medical disposables.Our company vision:Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of medical disposables and particularly solution of building medical machines or even complete production lines, and LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) products and technology in China market, and internationally. To ensure the provision of sustainable and quality services to our customers, we will continuously strive to improve our standards on manufacturing standard and product quality management.Most of our medical disposables are with CE, FCS, TUV, FDA marked; and certificate ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 are implemented for each OEM/ODM solution and service, thus saving time and any unnecessary trouble, and contribute to our innovative strength; as a result of fast order delivery or turnkey solution.As a leading medical disposables and LSR solution provider in China, we will define our future of our company and contribution to the awareness, motivation, collaboration and commitment. In doing so, CENTURIAL MED will become our client's partner of choice, our industry's employer of choice, and our shareholders' investment of choice.We will- Conduct ourselves with integrity and live our company values.- Deliver superior medical disposables and solutions of building medical consumables. - Foster an internal and external environment of innovation, collaboration, and trust.Thanks and best regards, CENTURIAL MEDICAL Team
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